Vanter Cruise Health Services (VCHS) actively provides administrative support based on a team approach, in which VCHS liaises with the shipboard management, medical staff, and the cruise line’s shore side operation group and management.

Administrative Services Provided:

  • Quality Assurance
    • In conjunction with the ISM SMS, and in adherance to CLIA and ACEP guidelines, establish and audit medical practice guidelines.
    • Provide quality control of medical care through case record audits and incident report review.
    • Telemedical Capabilities: Provide shipboard telemedical capabilities, supported by George Washington University Department of Emergency Medicine.
    • Formulary Management: Establish a formulary appropriate for the demographics and itinerary of the cruise line. Provide cost efficient inventory management and resupply.
  • Risk management & Safety Support
    • Track guest and crew incident and medical data to provide
    • support and resources of the cruise line’s Risk Management and Safety Departments.
    • Available to work closely with shipboard Safety Team on such issues as injury prevention and food sanitation issues.
  • Guest Services
    • Pre-boarding Consultation
    • Respond to guest inquiries for medical records or health claim support
    • Assist guests in documentation for health insurance claims
    • Recommendations for professional charges and billing
  • Medical Record Maintenance
      • Management of guest and crew medical records